Top Tips on How to Have the Best Wedding Flowers

Best Wedding Flowers

No wedding is complete without flowers. They are symbolic and decorative elements that make weddings attractive and unforgettable. Flowers are used by the wedding entourage; they are also used at both the reception and the church. Thus, they have to look perfect for the occasion. Now that most weddings are themed, choosing flowers are also [...]

Top 4 nail shapes to manicure

nail shapes

A clipper and a nail file is all that you need to sculpt your nails into different shapes. But, how important is shaping your nails while doing manicure? Well, you can make or break the look of well-manicured hands with the wrong nail shape. Celebrity manicurists like Deborah Lippmann and Tom Bachik specialize in nail [...]

Top 4 Cuticle care products

Cuticle care products

The road to good health is at your fingertips. Yes, fingernails when discoloured with ridges and dents may be an indicator to several health issues in your body. Treat you cuticles right, with regular manicure routine. If your work or hobby demands you to handle a lot of grime then go for extra care cuticle [...]

Top 4 Lip and Nail Color Duos

Top 4 Lip

Bygone fashion trends have the habit of revisiting the present, now and then. Matching your lip color to that of your nails is a tried and tested makeup fad that has been out of practice for quite some time lately. A total no-brainer when you’re running short of time and couldn’t figure out the right [...]

Five exciting ways to buy lingerie for your girl friend

buy lingerie

Five exciting ways to buy lingerie for your girl friend Your long awaited courtship period is getting over and you want to surprise your fiancée with something nice and unique. You can gift her with something close to her heart as it is to yours. Why don’t you come up with exciting pieces of lingerie [...]

Buy the best pair of gloves for this winter season

Buy the best pair of gloves for this winter season

Buy the best pair of gloves for this winter season Everyone likes to enjoy winters as it is the time for enjoying the snow, hot coffee and much more. But without proper winter wear, it is impossible to enjoy this beautiful season. Winter wear such as jackets, cardigans, coats, and sweaters play a very important [...]

Best 4 Minimalist Mens watches

Best 4 Minimalist Mens watches

‘Keep it simple’ is a design concept adopted in all realms of fashion industry right from haute couture to watchmaking from time to time. The watches that follow this plain but elegant design principle mostly stay true to their purpose, that is to say they are made for timekeeping and so they do just that [...]