A Man’s Guide to Accessorizing Right

From Dull to Dapper: A Man’s Guide to Accessorizing Right

In order to become adept at accessorizing, you must first be familiar with all the different options available to you. Putting together an inspired outfit requires the necessary equipment, and a little bit of creativity. If you’ve been avoiding accessories because you don’t want to come off as too flamboyant, then fear not. There are still plenty of options that will give you a tasteful look that won’t overpower your outfit, or your personality.

Not many people will disagree that a bomber jacket is essential to any man’s wardrobe. You can’t deny that. Now we want to make the case that you should have more than one so that you have a variety to choose from. The classic Black Bomber Jacket gives you a nice clean look that can be taken anywhere while other colors like yellow and red offer unique looks to really turn heads. We recommend adding a few variations in multiple colors so there is no doubt you will be set for any event that comes your way. One of our personal favorites is the ClaimDefame selection over at claimdefame.com which offers the worlds lightest weight bomber jacket in a variety of colors.

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Though they may not often be seen, using your undershirt as an accessory can be a good way to save on spending more for clothes. Stay traditional with white, or go bold with black underneath a half buttoned down shirt. Some of the best undershirts for men will be breathable and be able to wick away sweat. Check retailers to see what kinds they carry.


Yes, they should always match your shoes, but that’s not all there is to say about them. Don’t assume your black belt will go with every outfit. As much as possible, you want your belt to coordinate with the color scheme of the entire look. Check out different leather patterns or woven belts to add dimension and texture to your ensemble. Canvas, or canvas and leather belts come in a variety of colors and are great for adding more options to your wardrobe. Some belts now come with removable buckles, so you can switch them out to compliment different outfits.

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Ties and Scarves

These two perhaps contain the most options when it comes to colors, prints, and patterns. When choosing a tie, go for the finest quality material, and when pairing with your outfit make sure your tie is made of a similar weight and fabric as the rest of your outfit. For instance, a pure silk scarf might not be the best match for your wool suit. Choosing a print for a scarf or tie that pulls colors from the rest of your outfit always looks great, as does using complementary colors for a bolder statement.

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A timepiece has always been part of any true gentleman’s wardrobe. Many options exist today, so you can choose something that reflects your personal style or adds a bit of edginess or class to your outfit. A nice watch doesn’t have to break your bank, but make sure you get something of good quality, since you don’t want to spoil your outfit with something that looks cheap.

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This list only summarizes some of the possibilities when it comes to accessorizing. While you’re shopping, try experimenting with hats, men’s undershirts, sunglasses, or pocket squares for more ways of adding style to your wardrobe.

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