What You Can Expect From A Hair Extension Salon

Here Is What You Can Expect From A Hair Extension Salon

There is a new trend in hair extensions: the hair extension salon. While these salons have become quite popular in recent years, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding them. We are here to dispel some of that mystery. If you have never been to a luxury hair extension salon before, we will help you understand what you can expect.


Coloring, Cutting, And Styling

Companies like The Lauren Ashtyn Collection make customizable hair extensions. These luxury hair toppers can be customized in the following ways:

  • Color

  • Cut

  • Style

Customizable hair toppers are great for women who do not want to stick with the same style for years (hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection can last up to three years). The best place to have your extensions colored, cut, and styled is at a hair extension salon. If you try to go to a regular salon for these services, one of two things will likely happen: the stylist will give you a bewildered look and refuse to provide service, or – even worse – the stylist will attempt to provide service and do a poor job. This is unfortunate because, unlike your natural hair, your hair extensions will not grow back. If you are not happy with the style of your human hair topper, that is hundreds of dollars down the drain. That is why you need to go to a hair extension salon, where the stylists have experience working with hair extensions.


If you want to fully benefit from your stylist’s expertise when it comes to hair extensions, you should set up a hair extension consultation to start your appointment. The consultation usually lasts between 15 minutes and half an hour. During this time, the stylist will get to know your style goals and preferences. This is also the time for you to ask your knowledgeable stylist about hair extensions. You can (and should) ask your stylist about everything from hair extension types, to hair extension styles, to hair extension products. Your consultation is a great opportunity for you to learn more about hair extensions. And if it sounds like a hair extension consultation will cost too much, don’t worry: at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, hair extension consultations are free for the first fifteen minutes and only a dollar a minute after that. This is a golden opportunity that you should not pass up.

Other Services

Many women are surprised to find out that there are other services – aside from hair extension services – available at a luxury hair extension salon. Many salons offer waxing services. Typically, you can choose lip waxing, brow waxing, chin waxing, or full face waxing. You can also choose smoothing services–either six weeks or six months. Of course, hair extension salons can also cut your natural hair. This makes a hair extension salon your one-stop shop for all your hair care needs. Be sure to book an appointment in advance.


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