How to Care For Your Branded Shoes

Do you have a huge collection of branded Clarks shoes? If yes, then you will surely want your shoes to last long. It is imperative that you must devote some attention towards the proper maintenance of your favorite of your shoes just like you take care of other precious items.

A little maintenance of the shoes will ensure that they look like brand new for the years to come. Here are the few tips and techniques that you can use to take care of your branded shoes and keep them in good shape.

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Olish Shoes Regularly

Always use a branded shoe polish to remove the scuff marks and old worn-out look of the shoes. When polishing the shoes make sure you do not forget to wipe of the dirt with a smooth cloth or cotton. During the rainy season, there is a high chance that a damp mud may attach with the shoes. When the shoes dries, then a solid chunk of mud is formed that can be only removed through a brush. There are also some water protector materials available in the market that can be sprayed on to the shoes made from any material to prevent them from staining.

Keep the Shoes Dry

Most of the people have a tendency that they store the shoes directly into the wardrobe, as soon as they take them off. What they are not aware of, here is by doing, so they are not allowing the sweat to dry out that can create dampness in the shoes. If you do not dry your shoes, then your shoes will smell terrible.

Store the Shoes in Clean Wardrobe

If you want to protect your Clarks shoes from ageing or developing a fungus, then make it a point to clean your wardrobe regularly. Any kind of dirt develops cracks and fades away the color of your branded shoes.

Get a Shoe Tree

If you do not wear the shoes too often, then, then it is better to purchase a good shoe tree. The shoe trees made from cedar and mahogany woods are very much helpful in preventing the shoes from dampness, fungus and ageing. An important point of consideration here is that a tree must be used within an hour of taking off the shoes.

Always Wear Socks

If you want to ensure that your shoes remain clean and free from a horrible smell, then always make it a habit to wear socks. Socks will not allow the dirt and sweat from your feet to get accumulated in the shoes.

Wear Shoes Regularly

One of the best ways to enhance the longevity of the shoes is to wear them on the regular basis. It is just a car, the more you drive them, the greater they work.

Therefore, if you take an excellent care of the shoes, then the investment in your Clarks shoes will be really worthwhile.

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