How Celebrities Make Their Hair Look Great On The Red Carpet

One of celebrities’ most important features is their hair, whether styling it in an edgy fashion or adding dramatic ombre highlights. They are often seen sporting long hair or showing off a pixie cut with silky hair when on the red carpet. For those who are looking to amp up their ‘do and have the same hair that is seen in Hollywood, there are a few tips to follow for practices that are used by the rich and famous.

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Photo by Alan Light

Use Cold Air to Blow Dry

Although most people are accustomed to using a high level of heat on their hair for an efficient way of drying the strands, this can wreck havoc on the roots and ends. Heat naturally dries out the hair and can cause split ends. To avoid stripping your hair of its oils and shine, use cold hair while drying the locks, which is done by actress Jessica Biel to prevent damage.

Add Hair Extensions

Celebrities are known for having long, luscious hair that has plenty of volume. For most people, it can take years to wait for your hair to grow out or restore damage that’s been done to the ends, which can cause the hair to stop growing. For added volume and longer locks, celebrities often use virgin hair extensions for a natural look that complements their features and lasts for up to five months.

Buy a Brush with Boar and Nylon Bristles

Stars make it a point to be picky with their hair brushes, which can cause damage to strands and even diminish volume. Use a brush with nylon bristles, which will untangle the hair. The boar bristles used on the brush will also create a natural shine. The hair should be air dried for a few minutes before it is brushed out, which will prevent breakage.

Apply an At-Home Mask

Fashion icon Olivia Palermo is known to have some of the best hair in Hollywood, as she uses an at-home mask once a week to restore shine and hydrate her locks before hitting the red carpet. The mask should be applied to damp hair and left on for 20 minutes before it’s rinsed out.

Although it may seem impossible to have celebrity hair, there are several ways to achieve the same look with the right treatments and products used. By caring for hair with the proper methods and allowing it to stay healthy, it will create more shine and added volume for a flawless look.

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