christmas gifts ideas 2017

2017 Christmas Gifts: Look for Sparkling Traditional Jewellery with a Twist

Christmas often sneaks up on you, despite your best intentions! It is a time to give thoughtful gifts to those you love and share time together. It can sometimes be very difficult to find the right gift; after all, so many people already have everything they need. But jewelry is one of those items that can be given at any time of year and will always convey a special message.

christmas gifts ideas 2017

The follow items will make excellent Christmas gifts as they are both traditional and inspiring:


Diamonds have been given to those you love for hundreds of years and this gift does not need to be reserved for when you have decided to commit and marry the love of your life.  It is now possible to design your own diamond jewelry. You should ensure that the diamonds are certified as conflict free and then you can create a ring with one diamond or a pendent with diamonds integrated into the chain. Even the shape of the diamond can be chosen!

Christmas Charm

It is possible to purchase a wide variety of charms, either to fit onto an existing bracelet or to go with a new one. The charms can simple beads or something more personal, such as a character from their favorite movie. You can even do the same thing to create a unique and memorable necklace, or add a message around the edge to remind the one you love of your love!


A bracelet is a traditional gift; they are often given to people as a fashion accessory or as something which carries more significance. Instead of looking for the traditional chain or charm bracelet, you may wish to consider a watch style bracelet. These usually have wide bands; like a watch strap and a larger piece in the middle of the band. The general appearance, at a quick glance, is of a jewel encrusted watch. In fact, it is a highly personal, customizable bracelet which can be created in the stones of your choice and color.

The Infinity Pendant

You may have considered or even have already given an eternity ring to the love of your life. This is a symbol of your love and the fact that you wish to spend eternity together. A variant of this which looks stunning is the infinity pendant. It is available in your choice of material, silver, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold and encompasses the infinity symbol. A twist on this is to wrap the symbol around another piece of jewellery, such as a heart pendent.


The humble earring can make and exceptionally thoughtful and generous gift. There is a huge range of options to choose from when deciding on the right set for your loved one. Perhaps one of the most stunning ones on the market at the moment is the double halo in yellow gold and platinum with diamonds set into each of the halos. It creates a truly magnificent effect and the significance of this gift should not be underestimated!

The Choker

This piece of jewelry has always been seen as a simple piece of jewelry because of the statement it makes. However, it is now possible to purchase a variant of this style. Art deco chokers have arrived on the scene with ornate designs included around the clasp and across the neckline. These necklaces are designed to catch the eye and emphasize the beauty of the wearer. Alternatively you can now find this style of necklace with gems, or even diamonds, going all the way round it. It is more like a traditional necklace but with the close fit style of a choker.

Signet ring

The signet ring is finally getting the attention it deserves this Christmas. It is striking, extremely well-made and stylish. There are lots of models you can choose from; starting from the most intricate ring with a bold crest to the most unusual shapes and colorful designs. Make your pick and your loved one will feel she’s the luckiest girl on the planet. To give to the average signet, go for a bold signet ring engraving. It should rock her world!

Are you ready for Christmas? Wow your spouse, fiancé, or girlfriend with the most beautiful and alluring jewelry sets!

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