best handmade wedding ideas 2018

Handmade wedding ideas for brides who want a charming hand-crafted look

Do you want to look stunning on your wedding day? Do you want to make an impression and turn people’s heads around? Well then you might want to think outside the box and personalize your fashion sense.

Handmade wedding ideas are the newest trend. Brides want their look to exude freshness, ingenuity and innocence. Sheer white dresses with discreet lace, flower tiaras, custom jewelry sets, and personalized bouquets are just some ideas that will make you look incredible. Read on to find more handmade wedding ideas that will transform your ceremony into a memorable event.

best handmade wedding ideas 2018


On your big day, all eyes should be on you and your future husband. Center all your attention on what you love most; on what interests you the most in terms of décor, wedding clothing and accessories. Create a custom theme and make the venue your own. Guests should instantly think of the couple the moment they walk in at the party. Feel free to add whatever you like in terms of décor. If roses are too trivial and boring, choose custom arrangements made of seasonal flowers. Wildflowers are excellent choices as well. They exude a vintage-like allure that your guests will surely appreciate.

The DIY backdrop is current wedding trend you just need to explore as well. Basically, you can pick whatever you like for the backdrop – a huge collage with your favorite pics, a table with precious things you and your future husband cherish, or you can invite your guests to write a note and place it on a wall. This special backdrop area should be properly adorned as well. Garlands, streamers, letter lights, ribbons are all original ideas you may choose to take into consideration.

Go DIY on the food

Making your own food may not seem like the smartest idea for your own wedding. However, if you want to save up some cash and wow guests with foods you truly adore, then this thought can pay off big time. Have a hog roast or barbeque outside, or offer your help with the food preparation process. This season all eyes will be on sweets and desserts.  Pies, cakes, muffins, crème brulee varieties are just some original ideas you might want to try out.

DIY table planning & décor

Decorating tables the way you like is actually pretty fun. Go for custom name tags for each seat, and consider funky designs and cute messages. To make things interesting, include small baskets with goodies for each guest and replace the conventional envelope with jute pouches. This idea goes really well if you’ve chosen rustic lodges in Suffolk for your wedding. As for the rest of the table décor, cotton linens with handmade embroideries, crystal glasses and traditional china will give the décor of your venue an original, innovative allure.

Custom accessories

If you want an original, charming look then you should definitely consider handmade accessories.  A floral tiara that matches your bouquet will cool down the white effect of the dress, and thus emphasize your makeup. The jewelry set should be discreet; if you’re wearing your hair down you shouldn’t focus too much on the earrings. However you might want to consider a striking custom-made necklace manufactured from yellow gold.

Hair clips instead of a tiara are also an excellent choice of accessories. A beautiful white rose placed just behind your ear will exude freshness and vivacity. Your face will bright up immediately and you’ll definitely feel the most beautiful bride on the planet.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that all brides want to have perfect baby skin on their wedding day. However, you should start a treatment with at least 20 days before the big day. The best blends are those based on all-natural products. If you have acne or severe redness, you should focus on calming the skin. Blend honey and warm green tea in a bowl. Add one egg to make a paste and spread all over the face in the morning and in the evening. At night, use an organic night cream to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Repeat the process every three days, and you’ll look fabulous on your big day.

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