Best business office tips & ideas

Making your office a business paradise

Making your office a business paradise

It is well known that in this day in age the office has become home away from home, and not always by choice. In the fast moving world we live in today business has never been more demanding or stressful.

As soon as one project is finished another is on the table, the inbox is never emptied and phones beep more than ever before. So what can we do to survive under these stressful environments without taking a year course in therapy or popping pills by the dozen? Easy, an all-inclusive vacation. Maybe so, but realistically not so. Instead, we can bring a bit of paradise to our office in just a few simple steps.

Best business office tips & ideas


Make your own forest, beach or waterfall run through your space and feel the calming soothing effects of having nature at your fingertips. Buy some small plants and strategically place them where they won’t be in the way, but they can be seen and smelt. Take time each day to water them and enjoy the break it gives you away from the desk. Or invest in a small table top fountain and let the sounds of the water ease away your stress. If its sand you desire, Feng Shui sand Zen garden can be easily purchased and raked through in moments when inspiration is needed

Good Nutrition

There is nothing better than good food to ease the soul and clear out the stress as your senses enjoy being tantalised. Go to your favorite health store or make your own healthy and delicious snacks to have on hand as well as your favorite naughty treat. Much better than settling for what you can find in the office vending machine. Prepare flavoured waters to sip on “cocktail style” while reading through emails, and have some extra to share with colleagues. Make a little picnic of it!


Kick out your desk with the latest wrist pad rest, big cosy chair, and put up your feet on a foot rest, and top it off with a mini back massager from Brookstone for that ultimate paradise experience at the office!

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