Scentsy Warmers Tips for 2020

Scentsy offers a beautiful home décor option that appeals to your eyes and your nose.

Scentsy is an amazing company that provides a vast array of fragrance products including home fragrance, laundry, cleaning, body care and more.

However, the vast selection of Scentsy Warmers provides a wonderful option when decorating your home with baubles and curios. These warmers come in various sizes and styles to fit with any decor.

They are beautiful in their own right but the real treat comes when you turn them on and place a cube or two of Scentsy Wax in the warming dish. Scentsy has over 80 selections of premium scented wax for warming.

The warmers are electrical. Some of the warmers use a light bulb to melt the wax, while others utilize a heating element.

The warmers with a heating element are a good option for a bedroom if you want to enjoy the fragrance at night but think that a little light may disturb your slumber.

The lighted options vary in intensity. Some offer a subtle glow that blends in with the surroundings while others offer a bright flare that commands attention as the focal point of the room.

Most of the warmers have a foot print of about 5 inches. Shapes vary but most are circular or square. They range in height from about 4 inches to over 10 inches. They also have warmers that look like a night light, plugging directly into the wall without a cord.

Scentsy has well over 100 different warmers in the current line-up. Styles include Americana, animals, simple, classic, arts & crafts, western, floral, nature, elegant, nautical, inspiration, sports, Disney and more. Scentsy offers new catalogs twice a year and presents the latest styles that are on point with current trends.

It is important to note the safety benefits of Scentsy Warmers. They allow you to enjoy the pleasing aroma of scented wax without any of the dangers or disadvantages of candle use.

There is no flame involved that could ignite a fire. The wax does not burn away leaving soot and chemicals in the air.

With Scentsy, the wax melts when the warmer is on. When you turn the warmer off, the wax will solidify again. Eventually, when the fragrance is gone, you will need to empty the wax and replace it with a fresh piece.

Speaking of Scentsy wax, as mentioned above, it is available in over 80 amazing fragrances. They are also updated twice a year with the new catalog. There are some longstanding favorites that are always available, while other options are new every year.

Bakery, Citrus, Floral, Fresh, Fruity and Spice are just some of the fragrance categories. They truly have something for everyone. The Spring/Summer catalog tends to highlight floral, tropical, beach and summery types of fragrances. The Fall/Winter catalog leans more towards spice, bakery, cozy and wintery options. However, some of the all-time favorites are available all year long.

When making your home your own, it’s important to express yourself. Scentsy offers you the ability to delight your eyes and your nose with their unparalleled selection of beautiful wax warmers and scented fragrance.


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