How to save money on clothes

Six Tips For Saving Money On Clothes

Dressing modern,while on a budget can be a challenge, yet many trendsetters achieve this effortlessly. Using just six tips, you too can keep up to date without shelling out too much money.

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Buy your trendiest items at thrift shops, H&M, JCP, Target or other discount stores. In three years, you will be wearing other trends and colors and that retro 70s style printed flair pants and boho top will be in the back of your closet. Save your money here.


Whether it be the latest shade of orange or the most popular reddish-brown, cleverly infusing the latest color trends into your wardrobe will make you look fresh and on-trend. Scarves and economical t-shirts are two easy ways to inexpensively incorporate new colors.

Year-round pieces

You can wear the exact same skirt and top in the summer and winter by just changing out accessories. In the summer, wear this look with strappy sandals and a light sweater. In the winter, thigh high boots from Shopakira goes well with skirts. Avoid wools and linens and you are set for more than one season.


Invest in good accessories. Quality boots, shoes and purses will dramatically elevate your entire look. Avoid purchasing anything with too many extras such as studs and extra buckles. If your budget can’t manage the cost of new, shop upscale secondhand or consignment stores and buy in a neutral color. Or, if you are feeling a little daring, purchase accessories in a fire engine red or olive color and make a bold statement.

In season

If you have not invested in basics, start picking up a few pieces each season. A good jacket, jeans, white shirt, black pants and neutral skirt will be the backbone of your wardrobe and will last for years. If there is a fashion trend or trendy color that expresses your personal style, purchase these pieces in quality fabrics and add to your basics wardrobe. Combine these looks with inexpensive pieces and look up-to-date and put together.


Learning how to sew can increase your wardrobe piece by piece. Starting with simple skirts and tops, whip up an easy pattern in a weekend and hone your skills. Soon, you can stitch up a unique runway-worthy look for just pennies.

By keeping up to date with fashion trends, using your creativity when shopping and by sewing and pairing up with classic pieces, you can look be that cool, modern woman. You don’t have to drain your wallet to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

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