Why Teddy Bears Make Adorable Gifts?

All of us have grown up with toys and each phase of our childhood is associated with a particular toy. While infants have teethers to bite into and rattle to distract, toddlers have stacking toys. As the babies grow up and their cognitive abilities develop further, we need to give them a variety of toys to feed their curiosity, imagination, improve hand eye coordination, or simply to keep them busy.

It could be board games, Pictionary, clay art, toy guns or dolls. But one toy, which remains right through infancy to teenage, (sometimes adulthood too), is the stuffed teddy bear; especially for kids and girls. You can send teddy bears online either to a child, an adolescent or an adult, and there is no doubt each of them will love it.

Teddy Bears Make Adorable Gifts

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Soft toys, also called as Plush toys, have been around since the 1830s. The more sophisticated ones were being sold commercially since 1880s in Germany.

The Teddy Bear has an interesting history, and its invention is credited to President Theodore Roosevelt. The soft toy is named Teddy after the President. The story goes that in 1902, the President took part in a hunting expedition in Mississippi, and he refused to kill a bear. The media published many cartoons of the President and a bear highlighting this incident.

teddy bear photo

On seeing the printed cartoons, a shop owner made stuffed bears and sold it in his shop. The bears sold like crazy. Later, with permission from the President, the shop owner named the stuffed bear as Teddy and sold them commercially.

So, the Teddy Bear is not just any toy. Its creation is inspired by none other than the President himself.

What makes the teddy bear a favorite toy for most? And what makes it a good and safe idea for gifting?

  • Soft toys are great gifts when you are in doubt as to what the person will like. Gifting teddy bears to kids will surely excite them as they will find a new friend in the toy. Send teddy bears online with a bunch of flowers to your loved ones.
  • For many kids, soft toys are their accomplices in imagination. It is the soft toy, which helps them to nab thieves in their fantasy adventure.
  • Teddy bears are great for kids to carry to bed to. Along with warmth, the kid has a sense of security and is comforted by the cuddly toy.
  • With personalized soft toys, you convey your feelings of love.  Gifting a teddy bear with a special message on it is such a romantic way to say ‘I Love You.’
  • Soft toys are so easy to talk to. Sometimes all you need is someone to talk your heart out. Such times, the girl’s best friend is the teddy bear, who will never betray secrets.
  • You can rely on your teddy for that hug when you are so lonely and need someone to hold to.
  • You are separated from your loved. Holding the precious teddy bear gifted by him will help you tide away the loneliness.

There is one more reason not listed here, which makes the teddy bear such an adorable gift. Its sheer cuteness! A soft, fluffy, teddy in beautiful colors is such a cute sight; you simply cannot resist holding it.

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