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Top Tips on How to Have the Best Wedding Flowers

No wedding is complete without flowers. They are symbolic and decorative elements that make weddings attractive and unforgettable. Flowers are used by the wedding entourage; they are also used at both the reception and the church. Thus, they have to look perfect for the occasion. Now that most weddings are themed, choosing flowers are also based on the specific theme, and not just the colour. Here are top tips to have the best wedding flowers.

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Do your homework.

As the bride to be, know your florist. Interview her to know if you share the same vision. You must be comfortable with your designer; she must listen to you and should be able to bring floral designs to life, even if you are the type who does not know much about flowers.

Design flowers similar to your ideal, expensive blooms.

If you cannot afford expensive multiple centerpieces of your dream flowers, why not design their doppelganger? You can use this technique for both fresh and silk wedding flowers. The latter is an option for modern brides. These are artificial flowers that look like the real thing. They are less expensive; they do not wilt, and are not so fragile, so generally, they are easy to manage.

Think out of the box.

Make your wedding unique and memorable. Try to search for out of the box ideas and break away from the tradition. For instance, instead of using vases, why not use wooden boxes, vintage containers or even teacups as flower vessels. These can be used for your centrepieces. You can always mix and match, or use something that is more personal, such as family heirlooms or hand-me-downs. These are charming and they can add character to your wedding.

Instead of a flower scheme, pick a design or colour scheme.

Florists can come up with cutting-edge designs that are within your budget if you give them colour schemes. This will help save you money, since they can use cheaper variety of flowers. If you are particular about the flower, you can opt for silk wedding flowers so anything could be possible. Designers are talented enough to offer your desired blooms for your wedding.

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Select wedding flowers for a reason and bring examples to your florist.

If you find it hard to choose the flowers for your big day, select those that have a personal significance. Use your grandmother’s favourite, or the first flower given by your fiancé. Make sure to let your florist know your wedding style, your desired colour and scheme. Pictures from websites and magazines can also help, because your florist is not a mind reader.

Flowers for weddings can be easily availed now that talented florists are willing to share their expertise. As a modern bride, do not be afraid to explore new things and veer away from the traditional ways. Know your options and be open for new ideas. If silk flowers are interesting to you, check out the various collections at The Wedding Bouquet.

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