Different Types of Wool Fabric – How to Care For Wool Fabric

Wool is a fabric that is made out of spinning fleece from animals. Types of wool vary from animal to animal. Each type of wool has its own properties. However, the common thing in all the types of wools is that they are soft and warm. In this post, we will discuss few types of wool and their properties along with useful tips to care of them.


Benefits of Wool Fabrics

There are so many benefits that human get from the wool fabric. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • Warm

  • Natural

  • Breathable

  • Washable, generally hand wash

Different Types of Wool Fabric

Some of the major types of wool fabric are as follows:

Angora Wool

Angora is a fiber that is taken from Angora rabbit hair. The major features of Angora wool are its soft touch and fluffy surface texture. As it is taken from the particular breed of a rabbit, so it is considered as one of the expensive wools available in the market. To improve the stability of the fabric, normally Angora is mixed with Nylon while preparing things from it.

Angora wool must be hand washed with cold water. You can iron the Angora iron if it is required. To keep the surface fluffy after hand wash, you can brush it up to fluff up the wool fabric.

Cashmere Wool

Cashmere is an extremely comfortable and soft fabric. The fibers used to make cashmere wool are taken from the specific parts of the fleece of a cashmere goat. That is the reason why, this fabric is very expensive.

It is a very delicate fabric so it requires proper care. It must be hand washed with cold water and ironed inside out with the cool iron. If it is mixed with other fabric then the care instructions can be changed so it is better to read the label.

Pilling is a natural thing that comes on to cashmere. So to decrease pilling, avoid wearing the bag on shoulders because it will rub on the garment and cause the pilling to worsen.

Merino Wool 

Merino wool is made out from the fleece of Merino Sheep and it is also very expensive fabric. It is famous for its soft and fine appearance. Unlike other woolen fabrics, Merino wool resists pilling which is its major benefit.

It must be washed in cold water and dried in the normal temperature. Washing it with hot water or drying it on direct heat can damage the fabric.

Mohair Wool

Mohair wool shares some of its characteristics with Angora wool. It is made out from the fleece of the Mohair Goat, which is also known as an Angora goat. Mohair wool is not as fine and soft as angora wool is. That is the reason why, most of the people find it a very uncomfortable fabric to put on directly to the skin.

Like Angora wool, it must be hand washed with cold water and brushed to fluff up the fabric after wash.

Sheep’s Wool

Sheep’s wool is traditional fabric, which is taken from the fleece of any sheep. It is less expensive as compared to the previous discussed types of wools.

It should be dry cleaned, however many blends of sheep’s wool can be hand washed as well.

These were the few major types of wool available in the market. We also discussed few things to take care of these fabrics. However, we must keep this thing in mind that the properties of wool change depending on the material blended with. Therefore, do not forget to check instructions on the label to be sure.

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