How To Use and Wear Mala Beads Properly

Mala Beads are not simple adornments like regular fashion jewelry. As you know, these prayer beads became very popular lately, and many yogis and spiritual seekers are wearing them. Indeed, you can see mala beads just about everywhere as they became a trendy fashion and “boho” kind of jewelry. In this post, we will attempt to give answers to your question: “How To Use Mala Beads Properly. “

Mala beads were traditionally used for prayer purposes by Buddhists and Hindus. These prayer beads have a particular spiritual meaning and ancient history in India. One of the beads’ unique merit lies in the charm it carries in itself. These beads are unique because of the unique shape and beauty of their design. In this sense, it is essential that you know their story and their use to enjoy their beauty respectfully.

How to wear my Mala Beads?

Wearing Mala Prayer Beads is a marvelous way to enjoy the healing characteristics of crystals and gemstones throughout the day. It can also be a gentle yet powerful reminder of your intentions and life goals.

The Beads are very easy to wear; you can wear the mala around your neck (like a necklace). If you have various mala beads, you can layer them together for a fantastic look. You can even twist a mala to shorten the length. Before actually putting any bead on your finger, you must take a look at the mala. Because its shape varies between beads, you need to determine its overall shape to make sure it will fit. In this sense, mala beads are very easy to wear. You can personalize the look and wear them as you like.

Mala beads are easy to collect and are very affordable and very easy to store. They are small in size and can be easily hidden in the folds of your clothing, and as one size beads are not small enough to ever get caught, they are virtually undetectable on a body.

Rules for wearing Mala Beads

They are quite a few rules on how to handle your beads. The tradition says that mala beads should not touch the ground. It is believed that if your mala touches the floor, it will lose its power. For example, placing your mala beads on the mat during yoga practice or meditation can be considered disrespectful. We recommend that you treat your mala beads with care, store it in the pouch provided and place it in a safe place when not in use. No worries, if your Mala beads fall unfortunately on the ground, you can cleanse them. In this case, refer to this post on how to care and cleanse mala beads.

Also, some people are drawn to their mala beads for their believed healing qualities and don’t like other people touch them. Be aware of this and respect their beliefs.


But, in the end, what you decide to do with your mala beads is very personal. You decide on your own mala. The rules described here are for your information, then you need to decide if follow or not. The most important is that you feel good with the way you handle it. Treat your mala as any other cherished or sacred item. If you are taking care of it from your heart, you are doing the right thing!

If you have a mala, it’s up to you to make the best use of it! So go ahead and put your mala in the most beautiful and meaningful way possible! If you have any questions or ideas for these rules, let me know in the comments below.

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